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Now Available In 20oz Bottle

DRIP Premium Bottled Water is Pure, Crisp, Refreshing, and Recyclable. BPA-Free Reusable Water Bottles for Drinking and Hydration On-the-Go.

DRIP Black 16oz

7 Step Diamond Skid Purification Process What's In The Water?

Step 1

Ag Pre-Filtration

Removes particulate matter down to 20 microns.

Step 2


An activated carbon filter that removes chlorine, chloramines, solvents, lead, insecticides, gasses, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and other harmful contaminants. 

Step 3

5-Micron Pre-Filter

Removes particles, sediment, and algae.


Step 4

Reverse Osmosis 

Water is forced through a semipermeable, .002 micron membrane, allowing only pure water molecules to pass

Step 5

Post-Carbon Filtration

Water travels through 1 cubic foot Post Carbon filter with automatic backwash, polishing it for an exceptionally smooth taste.

Steps 6 & 7

Ultraviolet Sterilizer

25 G.PM. stainless steel sterilizer eliminates up to 99.9% of all bacteria.